Tarpon Fishing off the beach has slowed to a minimal amount. Those who want to do it may sit out there all day but the wait can be worth the demeanor the fish have. Fly fishing for tarpon will be getting better inside of Tampa bay as the fish stage at the bridges and mouths of rivers. Their main goal is to stack calories not only to replenish those burned but before a winter that’s months away. Peak feeding hours are going to be mainly at night and dusk/dawn periods when they have the advantage over their prey.

There are still some snook on the beaches but expect them to thin and spread out throughout the inter-coastal, drop into deeper water, or high tidal/current zones to escape the heat or get more oxygen. Fly fishing for snook always demands a longer than normal leader anywhere in the 11-12′ range. Small white or bait fish imitation that can be introduced without notice is the trick with snook. They are extraordinary with their ability to detect something misplaced.

Shark fishing is always a great option during the hot months of summer!