September is hot here in the Tampa bay area and therefore the best action is happening either in the early hour of the morning or at night. Zones that receive a lot of moving water will hold the most fish whether it’s a point or a pass.

Most of the snook have dropped into deeper water but will show back up as things start to cool off. Look for the mass still in the passes but some smaller fish can be found scattered on deeper mangrove shorelines.

Redfish are in big groups and have begun their spawning ritual. Lower tides are normally when I’ve had most of my success as they tend to really “move.”  The lower tides eliminates a ton of area the group can be and most of the time their presence is known because their big wake and competitive nature.

The majority of the bait around right now is relatively small and ranging in the 2-3″ size. Fly fisherman should use any baitfish imitation in this size in an all white or chart/white color combo.