We had some absolutely incredible weather throughout October which led to some of the best fishing we have all year. Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Big Sea trout, Tripletail, and Permit all joined the party this month but now we have received a couple minor cold fronts which will change things up a bit. The water temps are just now dropping into the 70’s and the fishing is great on those warm days in between fronts.
Tarpon fishing will remain good at night for through this month on the warmer nights around the new moon and the snook action is just getting good! They know to feed heavily before winter and aren’t too shy this month! Focus in or around the mouths of canals, creeks, rivers, or marinas to stay consistently in the snook and imitate a scaled sardine with a fly rod and artificial anglers can’t go wrong with a Mirrolure 17MR.
Fly fishing for Redfish and Sea trout is just now beginning to get good as the cold fronts begin to drop the water temps and the visibility gets better, making for some great sight fishing. Our winter months provide some of the best sight fishing we get year round inside of Tampa bay for Redfish and Sea trout. This time of year, we get our big low tides in the morning and when timed with the sunrise, you can find yourself surrounded with tails. It’s important in Tampa bay to let the fish come to you rather than making an effort to stalk the fish. More often than not, you’ll find yourself spooking fish that spook others which can quickly turn the situation difficult. A planned approach helps dramatically and positioning yourself in between the shoreline (where the fish want to get) and the fish is the ticket. Find a lighter spot on the flat and use it to your advantage, paying attention to anything that crosses it and the direction they’re headed. Make the cast and have fun.
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