Fly fishing in Tampa bay, Clearwater beach and Dunedin this month has been interesting to say the least. We had an exceptionally warm February with an extremely cold March which had the fish and their transitional patterns out of wack.
Fly fishing for spotted sea trout on my charters has been phenomenal. These fish spawn this month around the moon phase and are hungry for just about anything that swims.

Snook fishing on the new moon phase was extremely productive for my fly anglers. As the water temperature begins to climb, we will see more and more fish working their way out of the winter haunts they resided in all winter. There will be large amounts of fish beginning to congregate in the passes and bridges in preparation for the big spawn in our summer months.

Redfishing will remain consistent on the moon phases around the low tides but will be racing for the mangroves on the high water to seek shade, protection and forage.

Tarpon season is finally here with fish beginning to feed heavily at night under the bridges and some resident fish coming out of the rivers and working their way south to warmer water and the choke points where they can feed to prepare for the migration/spawn. If you plan on getting in on the action it’s best to call sooner rather than later due to unavailability during the season! Hope everyone has an awesome April!