Fishing in December has been a roller coaster, with cold fronts coming through every other week it has cleared the water up inside of Tampa bay and the bait has disappeared off the flats.
Redfish will be the primary focus for the next few months and their primary diet will consist of crabs and shrimp. Our big low tide in the mornings around the new and full moons will have the fish concentrated in the deeper contours off the flat and ready to chew as the sun and tide rise together. These fish can be on extra guard since the grass has shortened due to the cooler temperatures and believe it or not they have eyes too. Take your time and let the fish come to you.
Trout can be found schooled up at the entrance of most of our creeks and river systems. The bigger fish have been pushed up shallow and mixed in with the mullet schools. The edges of the flats on the major low tides has been producing the best throwing gurglers. Weightless shrimp patterns work the best after the sun has come up.