As many of you know, we have red tide knocking at our door and the media isn’t providing the public with accurate information on where exactly the big blooms are and where sea life would be considered in danger. There is in fact a very serious problem happening right now in the state of Florida and hopefully there will be a resolution in the very near future.
As of right now I can say that fishing for tarpon and snook at night in Tampa bay the past month and a half has been superb and will continue to be all the way through October, potentially November. Fly Fishing or fishing with artificial baits with a new moon is the best way to jump numerous fish. There has also been big groups of fish on the lady fish schools in the morning around the Pinellas Peninsula. Dead drifting and letting the fish come to you is the most important thing I’d emphasize.
Redfish will begin to school big time on the moon phases this month. Look for the birds following over head, they will follow the big schools of fish.