October has once again provided EXTREMELY hungry fish! Tarpon, snook and redfish have all been on fire this month as long as the temperature remained above the 72 degree mark. My anglers jumped over 50 fish this month on the bridges at night but we can expect things to slow dramatically as the cold fronts begin to show up. Unfortunately, tarpon fishing will be about over until next march/april.

Snook fishing has been on fire at night and during the day. These fish have made 90% of their transition into the deep dark winter time haunts they’ll reside in through the next couple months, but before the water temperature drops too much, we can expect them to feed heavily. During my fishing charters this month, we landed multiple fish in the slot and quite a few over the slot!

Redfish have broken out of their schools and have been target-able on the days with the best visibility. The temperatures haven’t dropped enough to make for ideal sight fishing in the bay but fishing St. Joseph sound and the clearwater beach area has been extremely good. The fishing has been good but is about to get even better!