The G. Loomis GLX rod was released to the market more than 7 years ago. This rod was created as a high performance, lighter and more balanced rod for improved casting. The graphite-made rod throws line effortlessly for the best of all-day fishing days.
I personally love this rod for many reasons. It is absolutely one of my go-to’s for those sparkling blue-water days down in the Florida Keys.

I use this rod quite often but it is best for when I am targeting in-shore game fish. Obviously bone fish (per photo above) as well as snook, redfish, trout, jack crevalle, triple tale, anything of that nature.
Generally, you can find me throwing the 8-weight because it gives me that perfect balance for the type of fish that I am targeting.
So why do I love this rod so much?
First of all, because it does indeed throw line effortlessly. This graphite rod was created to feel rather delicate, and although that may bring some shortcomings, the delicacy of it allows my line to lay down nice and soft. This is exactly what I need in order to prevent losing fish in the long run.
The second reason is that it absorbs any shock. Being that it is flexible and delicate it allows me to set my hook correctly and prevent any line breaks or anything of that nature. Ultimately, preventing me from losing fish.
Those are a few of the reasons why I love this rod. It doesn’t take too much but I want a rod that provides simplicity. I need something to give me the basics with the fish I am targeting in these Florida waters, and frankly this rod does the job.
Being that it was created lighter really does make a difference. I find that I can throw as much or as little line that I need and still lay it down perfectly in order to present my fly perfectly to my fish. The GLX has always given me the ability to do this even 5 years later.
Which brings me to what I do not like about this rod.
What I don’t like about this rod
There aren’t many reasons to not like this rod, but the ones that are worth mentioning I will lay out for you.
First of all, this rod is no longer in production. That would be my number one on my negative list. I truly do love this rod and hate to have to transition to another if anything were to happen.
Being that it is no longer in production does indeed mean they do not have a warranty for this particular rod. Reason number 2 on the dislike list.
Lastly, and more practically – it is a “delicate” rod and that brings a bit of brittleness to it. This rod is rather brittle and makes for serious precautions when using it. This isn’t a heavy handling type of rod and it must be cared for.
Compared to other rods
Even if I wanted to compare this rod to others in my fleet I couldn’t. This truly is a one-of-a-kind, unique rod. Its lightweight capabilities, its flex, its ease in allowing that line to slide right through makes it one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of handling between my fingers.
Other great features
A few side notes that I enjoy about the rod itself would be that it does pack down nicely. This 4 piece rod packs down into two pieces making it nice and easy for transport.
The line I use with this rod
I tend to keep with Scientific Angler Saltwater Taper or Grand Slam Taper depending on my use. These lines are kind of my go-to and they work perfectly with this rod.
Obviously, with the 8-weight rod that I am using, I also use an 8 weight floating line. This works well for the species I target off the shores I am fishing.
Other specs and features of the rod
It is up to 20% lighter than previous models which gives an improved balance. This also gives more sensitivity as well as versatility. As G. Loomis says, “Our rods are made for the fanatical angler that specializes and has exacting expectations for his or her style of fishing.” Which is exactly what I need.
They also load as little as 15 feet of line just as well as they do 60 feet of line, which is a great attribute given its light weight.
Other great features are that the seam is 100% graphite, rather than a fiberglass and graphite mix or a mix of other materials like different makes and models. They also are left “unfinished” in their fine condition rather than being painted over, giving it that virgin look.
Also featuring: premium wraps and split grip cork handle, the Fuji Sic Guides that reduce line friction, and the Fuji Graphite Composite Rod set. All of these making up this lightweight, sensitive, and powerful masterpiece.
Again, almost a re-iteration from G. Loomis themselves, American Legacy says, “If you are a finesse fishing, then we highly recommend the GLX rods.”
All in all, here are my last thoughts:
If your looking to go bone fishing with a rod that is easy to cast, lays line perfectly and can set that hook where you need it to – you have found it with the G. Loomis GLX. – Said by Captain Ethan Kiburz himself.
Share your favorite rod in the comments below, and always if you want to spend a phenomenal day on the water off the beautiful coasts of Tampa Bay book your charter today.
As I said, it is out of production but you may find this rod (or something similar) floating around on the internet someplace. I will list where you may find this exact rod but no promises that it will still be available.
Price Comparison
G.Loomis Classic GLX Fly Rods (2-1-18) – Miller Shop – $600.00
G.LOOMIS GLX CLASSICS FLY RODS – just for fishing. com – $600.00