Fly fishing in February can be difficult because of the consistent cold fronts that bring lots of wind with them. These scenarios can be utilized to your advantage with the big low tides we get in the morning around moon phases this time of year. The direction of the wind will often keep the tide from coming in and extend the outgoing tide cycle.

The water is clean and the grass is short which make for perfect sight fishing conditions on the right days. Now that the water temperature has stabilized around the 60 degree mark, bait is non existent on the flats and redfish are focused on tiny shrimp and crabs. Working your fly extremely slow is imperative for these spooky fish.

Snook fishing at night can still be done in the deep residential canals at night in between cold fronts. The majority of these fish are in the very back of the canals where the water temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much. Small white flies on a #4 or #6 hook have been proven time after time.

Speckled trout will push up shallower than normal right after cold fronts. Keeping your distance from these fish is a must to effectively target them.