The winter we have been experiencing has been rather mild and as a result, we still have a lot of white bait still in the bay. Snook can still be found on the flats with the warmer temperatures but a large portion of them have transitioned to where they know warmer water can be found.

Chartreuse/white and olive/white Clouser minnows produce well because of the size of bait still abundant. Night fishing for snook has also been exceptional around the new moon phase using small white flies.
Fly Fishing for redfish on the big low tides we experience around moon phases has been good in between cold fronts. Baitfish, crab, and shrimp flies all work well with a proper presentation. Positioning your boat or getting out and wading to where the fish want to get on a higher tide or incoming water has been proven the best technique for targeting our spooky redfish. With the minor cold fronts we receive, it still has the water temperature in the low 70’s, which helps with the water clarity.

Trout can be found in deeper grass in the 4-6 foot range. Flies that have large lead eyes will help get down to the part of the water column that’s considered the strike zone. If we experience any cooler temperatures in the next few months, expect to see the trout pushed up shallower.

Jack crevalle have made a huge come back since the cold winter in 2010 and they can be a blast on a fly rod. These fish are sensitive to cooler water, so they can be found in river systems, deep residential canals and warm water discharges. Ideally it’s best to find them in a feeding frenzy but it’s not uncommon to find them cruising up and down seawall edges. Strip fast!!!