Water temperatures in Tampa Bay are exceeding 80 degrees. When the water gets that hot, we begin to experience an algae bloom that diminishes the water clarity, making it difficult to sight fish during the day. On the other hand, night fishing for snook, redfish and trout can be outstanding. Using small flies that replicate glass minnows or baitfish have been the most productive.

In our intracoastal waterways, snook have made their way to the beaches and passes in preparation for their spawn during these summer months. These fish will be focusing their attention on the large presence of whitebait in the area. Using flies like the EP baitfish, Polar Fiber Minnow, or even just a clouser, work the best.

Redfish will be rushing to the mangroves in the warmer months in attempt to find cooler water on higher tides. Personally, I like to fish the lower tides we get around sunset this time of the year on the new and full moon phases. Using gurglers can be an exciting way to catch a redfish in low light scenarios.

Tarpon have begun their migration up our Gulf beaches and can be found in water as shallow as 2-3 feet and more commonly in between 6-12 feet. These fish can be found by the 100’s in some situations around the big moon phases as they travel north.

Triple tail have not been a rarity in the intracoastal and beaches on the crab trap buoys. Just about any fly pattern works as long as it’s presented close to the fish and in the natural direction the tide is moving.